Club Activities

Robotics and Aeromodelling Club

IC: Mr S Suryanarayana, PGT Physics |  Member 1: Mr Sanjeev Kiran S, PGT Club | Member 2: Mr Subbarangaiah, TGT Science  
Total strength: 30

The Aeromodelling club is a platform that aims to promote aviation and aeronautical activities among our cadets. Its primary goal is to instill a strong passion for flying in the young minds, while also developing teamwork, leadership qualities, and good character with moral values. With a focus on critical thinking and compassionate hearts, the club plans various activities to generate interest in the field of flying. The club has 30 enthusiastic cadets who are taught the fundamentals of aeromodelling both theoretically and practically. With an emphasis on hands-on learning, the club also provides opportunities for knowledge sharing with experts in the field and organizes field visits as a part of its activities. Through these initiatives, the Aeromodelling club strives to create a community of students who are not only skilled in aeromodelling but also have a deep understanding and appreciation for the world of aviation.

Chess Club

The Chess Club of Sainik School Kodagu, composed of 30 enthusiastic Cadets, is a thriving club dedicated to the game of chess. Meeting twice in a week on Wednesdays and Fridays, the club offers a structured schedule that includes practice matches, instructional sessions, tactical exercises, and simultaneous exhibitions. These activities aimed to enhance a lively and supportive environment where members can improve their skills and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow chess enthusiasts. Mr. Suresh Krishnan, PGT Mathematics and the Club In Charge along with Mr. Prasad M H, TGT Kannada Practice the game on club days. The club members receive individualised feedback and support.
Looking ahead, the Chess Club has ambitious plans to further engage its members and enhance their skills. Future activities include organising internal tournaments, participating in inter-school competitions, and hosting guest lectures by experts. The club also aims to arrange online matches with other schools and introduce advanced training programs for high-potential members. These initiatives are designed to provide members with competitive experience, exposure to diverse playing styles, and comprehensive skill development, ensuring the continued growth and success of the club.

Cadets showing the skills in the game of Chess.



IT ClubWelcome to the IT-Club! Our mission is to empower students with hands-on experience and practical knowledge in various aspects of information technology. Our club activities cover a wide range of topics to ensure a comprehensive understanding of IT fundamentals and advanced techniques.

We conduct Activities like:

  1. Assembling and Disassembling PCs: Learn the essential skills of building and taking apart computers, understanding the components, and ensuring they work together seamlessly.
  2. Networking Fundamentals: Gain a solid foundation in networking, including understanding how networks operate, the role of different networking devices, and basic troubleshooting.
  3. IP Configuration:  
    -Static IP Configuration: Learn how to manually assign IP addresses to devices.
    -Dynamic IP Configuration: Understand the use of DHCP for automatic IP address assignment.
  4. Remote Desktop Access: Explore how to remotely control other computers, allowing for efficient troubleshooting and management.
  5. Networking Devices and Configuration: Get hands-on experience with configuring routers, switches, and other networking devices to optimize and secure networks.
  6. Web Page Design:
    • Basic Web Page Design: Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create functional and visually appealing web pages.
    • Accessing Pages through Web Browsers: Understand how web pages are rendered in browsers and how to ensure compatibility across different browsers.
    •  Responsive Web Page Design: Design web pages that adapt to various screen sizes and devices, ensuring a seamless user experience.Our club works on exciting projects, and prepare for a future in technology!


Welcome to the National Defence Academy Motivational Club!

MotivationClub24 MotivationClub24Club Members:77(Class XI)
Club Incharges: Ms.Sreelekha VS | Mr Dada D Kushanale

At the National Defence Academy (NDA) Motivational Club, we are dedicated to inspiring and empowering the Class XI , the next generation of leaders and defenders of our nation. There are almost 77 members at Our club.It serves as a beacon of motivation, guiding cadets through the rigorous journey of training with unwavering support, encouragement, and camaraderie to join NDA.

Our Objectives:
MotivationClub24 01Our mission is to foster a resilient and positive mindset among cadets, helping them to overcome challenges, build unshakeable confidence, and achieve excellence in their academics and pursuits to become an officer in armed forces. We believe that motivation is the cornerstone of success, and our club is committed to instilling a sense of purpose, determination and passion in every cadet of the club to join armed forces through various entry schemes.



What do We Offer

MotivationClub24 03Inspirational Talks
We regularly host talks from distinguished military leaders, accomplished alumni, and motivational speakers who share their experiences, wisdom, and insights. These sessions are designed to ignite the spark of ambition and drive within our cadets to instill a sense of purpose, determination, and passion in every cadet.

Workshops and Seminars
Our interactive workshops and seminars cover a wide range of topics, including leadership development, stress management, time management, and goal setting. These sessions equip cadets with practical skills and strategies to excel both in their training and future careers.

Peer Support and Mentorship
We believe in the power of camaraderie and peer support. Our mentorship program pairs experienced senior cadets and serving officers fostering a supportive environment where knowledge, advice, and encouragement are given

MotivationClub24 02Motivational Challenges and Competitions
To keep the spirit of competition alive and motivate cadets to push their limits, we organize various challenges and competitions. These activities are designed to test their physical and mental endurance while promoting teamwork and camaraderie.

The NDA Motivational Club has a profound impact on our cadets. Through our initiatives, we have seen remarkable improvements in cadets' confidence, resilience, and overall performance. Together, we can achieve greatness and uphold the honour and legacy of our school by embracing the spirit of excellence, resilience, and dedication. NDA Motivational Club – where motivation meets action!

Drone Flying Club

droneClub1The Drone Flying Club is a community-driven organization dedicated to fostering interest, education, and responsible use of drones. Our club brings together enthusiasts from various backgrounds, including professionals, and experts, to share knowledge, experience, and the joy of drone flying to Cadets

  1. Promote Safe and Responsible Flying Safety Workshops: Organize regular workshops to educate the cadets on safe flying practices, understanding airspace regulations, and the importance of respecting privacy and public safety.
  2. Enhance Skills and Knowledge Training Programs: Offer training sessions for beginners and advanced pilots, covering topics such as drone operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  3. Collaborative Projects: Encourage the cadets to collaborate on projects, such as aerial photography, environmental monitoring, and search and rescue operations, to apply their skills in real-world scenarios.
  4. Promote Innovation and Creativity and Challenges: Host events that challenge the cadets to develop innovative solutions and applications for drones, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.
  5. Support Environmental and Social Initiatives.
  6. Environmental Monitoring: Engage in projects that use drones for environmental monitoring, wildlife conservation, and disaster management. Utilize drone technology for community service projects, such as assisting in search and rescue missions, delivering supplies to remote areas, and supporting local events.
  7. Integrate STEAM Learning Educational Programs: Develop and deliver educational programs that integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) principles through drone technology.
    Hands-On Workshops: Offer hands-on workshops and projects that encourage the cadetto apply STEAM concepts in real-world scenarios, such as drone design, programming, and aerial photography. Planned to incorporate drone-based STEAM learning into their curricula, providing cadets with unique and engaging learning experiences.
    STEAM Competitions: Organize competitions that challenge students to use drones creatively and solve problems using STEAM principles.

The Drone Flying Club is committed to creating a Cadets of drone enthusiasts who are passionate about flying, learning, and innovating. By focusing on safety, education, community, innovation, social responsibility, and STEAM learning, we aim to make a positive impact and advance the field of drone technology.



Gardening Club 

sowing seedsThe gardening club of Sainik School Kodagu is started to inculcate the habit of taking care of plants and environment in the nature. The cadets take part voluntarily in loosening soil and prepare it for growing vegetable, flowers & fruit plants including herbs like tulasi, turmeric, Ginger etc,. The club members meet on every Wednesday to look after the plants, but informally on every alternate day to see the wellbeing of planted seeds and saplings. We also visit nearby plant nurseries and enhance our knowledge in growing plants. Through our efforts, we aim to foster a deeper appreciation for green spaces and promote ecological awareness among our peers. At present the club is having 18 members.

The club is guided by Mr. Venkatramana Y, TGT in Social Science.

Photography and Videography  Club

Photography Videography ClubPhotography Videography Club 2



1. Club Objectives:

  • Develop Skills: Teach cadets the basics of photography and videography, including camera handling, composition, and editing.
  • Encourage Creativity: Provide opportunities for students to express themselves creatively through visual storytelling.
  • Promote Collaboration: Encourage teamwork on projects and events to build a sense of community.

2. Equipment and Resources:

  • Cameras and Accessories: Ensure access to cameras, tripods, and other essential equipment.
  • Editing Software: Provide software for photo and video editing.
  • Learning Materials: Gather tutorials, books, and online resources for self-paced learning.

3. Activities:

  • Club Day: Organize regular club day on various techniques and styles.
  • Photo Walks: Plan outings to practice shooting in different environments.
  • Competitions: Conducting photography and videography competitions to motivate the cadets.

4. Exhibition and Sharing:

  • Online Gallery: Create an online platform to showcase cadets’ work.
  • School Events: Teaching cadets to take good photos and videos during school events.

5. Growth and Development:

  • Guest Speakers: Invite professional photographers and videographers to share their experiences.
  • Field Trips: Arrange visits to studios or exhibitions to expose cadets to professional work.
  • Feedback and Evaluation: Create a system for feedback to continuously improve the club’s offerings.

Teachers’ In-charges: Mr Sushant TY | Mr Shivakumar AP.
Cadet In- charge: Roll No. 1545 Cdt. Rishav Raj.

Music Club

MusicClub24 MusicClub24 02

In-charge Teacher: Mrs P.Parvathi, TGT Mathematics

Member: Mrs Pratibha Kalyani, TGT Hindi
Number of Students: 32


MusicClub24 04MusicClub24 05Music is the language of soul. The music club encourages students to showcase their talents in music - instrumental. Music club provides a platform to individual to participate in various inter and intra school competition. In a regular club activity students continued to learn and practice. We focus on cultivation of musical talent around the school campus. Students get to participate and exposed to various musical activities throughout the academic years, develop and acquire rich array of musical skills. In Sainik School Kodagu, Music Club is a precious part of the diverse life in campus, where the musical talent grows and where the leadership and inclusiveness get literally practiced and encouraged through the practicing sessions and stage performances.

MusicClub24 06MusicClub24 07









The general objectives of the Music Club are:

  • To engage musically talented/experienced students in club’s activities.
  • To maintain the progress in their musical skills throughout the academic years.
  • To bring the theoretical knowledge obtained in music classes into practice.
  • To develop organizational skills in students through creating groups and managing stage performances.
  •  To foster leadership skills in students through practicalities of musical performances.
  •  To develop critical listening and analysing skills, and enhance the enjoyment for music.


Dramatics Club

dramaticClub“Behind a curtain, a stage to stand, the audience front and a drama within”- is theatre .Expounds N N Pillai one of the great proponents of theatre. The dramatics club in the school is making the way for the theater lovers to conceptualize and present their ideas and adopt themes from their curriculum and current happenings. It is intriguing that the theatre helps the cadets to build self confidence, boost imagination, creativity and communication skills. To give exposure to various traditions of theatre, preparation of eco-friendly props , costumes and the conduct research ,study on the nuances of theatre and the saga of theatre artistes.The club has formulated close knitted plan and its graded implementation. The cadets are also  trained in event management, scripting and direction. Semi nars and Panel discussions are the part of the club focusing on the role of drama as a tool for social development and nourishment of personality.

The children’s theatre of the club adopted various plays, dance dramas and skits that earned accolades and certificates in many competitions including best actor award in Brahamagiri Sahodaya Dramatics Competition. The club is striving hard to make people appreciate the glory of theatre ,the pain and hard work of the artistes behind a spectacular work.

Mr Rajgolkar ,TGT is at the helm of the activities of the club. Mr Ashokan is the club member.Cdt Samrat is the cadet captain.

Arts Club

artsclub1artsclub2Arts club helps the students in developing their creative skills. The students use paints, oil pastels, origami sheets, fevicol and lots of other things in the drawings. The students have a great time in learning lots of new skills and techniques and they produce some wonderful art work too.

The Arts Club aims to foster creativity, self-expression, and artistic skills among students by providing a supportive environment for exploring various art forms. We strive to encourage an appreciation for the arts and to develop each member's artistic potential.

Objectives - Encourage Creativity, Skill Development, Cultural Awareness, Community Engagement, Collaboration:
Activities – Origami craft, Pencil Sketch, Terracota Jewellery making, Clay modeling, Field trips, Art Exhibition etc.



cyclingclub1Cycling is a healthy, zero-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Its an “AEROBIC” activity. A total of 30 Cadets enjoy a peaceful ride through the quiet, nature bound and scenic campus routes under the guidance of APTC CHM Stalin Sales and Mr Khyser Ahmed B, TGT Mathematics. The riding routes make riders feel good. The school also aims to cultivate greener practices through this club and encourage young minds to adopt healthier lifestyles.





















 Counseling Club

counselingClub2024 01counselingClub2024 02The counseling club of Sainik school Kodagu, composed of 31 enthusiastic cadets, the club provide students with a variety of valuable skills and knowledge that support their academic, social, emotional, and personal development. Club will hold twice in a week that is on Wednesday and Friday. Club plays a crucial role in supporting students preparing them for future challenges, and contributing to a positive and inclusive school environment.



This includes 

  • Interactive Activities: Role-playing, group discussions, and hands- on activities 
  • Multimedia: Videos, presentations, and online resources 
  • Guest Speakers: sharing real-life experiences and advice 
  • Assignments: Individual and group projects to reinforce learning 
  • Reflection Journals: Regular journaling to track personal growth and reflections. 

counselingClub2024 03Under the club in charge Ms Rukmini M guidance the members are able to learn and develop their skills in understanding Mental Health and recognizing common issues. Techniques for reduce stress and anxiety. Strategies for manage emotions effectively, developing resilience to cope up with challenges and setbacks, practicing mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation, importance of Verbal and non-verbal communication, techniques for resolving conflicts peacefully, building healthy relationships teamwork, empathy and compassion. Club also aims in understanding of one's strengths, weaknesses, replacing of negative thoughts with positive affirmations, promoting a healthy body image and self-esteem. Setting personal goals and celebrating achievements, strategies for overcoming personal and academic challenges.


This provides students with a well-rounded support system, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed academically, socially, and personally. Students with the skills they need to navigate the challenges of adolescence and prepare for their future academic and personal endeavors. Through interactive activities, discussions, and practical applications, students can gain valuable insights and develop essential life skills.


Orinithology and Trekking Club


"To encourage and assist young minds to travel, explore, and extend knowledge of the terrain, adjoining hill ranges through science, art, literature and sport.”

The 'Kalpower Trekking Club', founded on 24 Jul 2017, is one of the important clubs at Sainik School Kodagu with a motto of encouraging young cadets to travel and explore thenature. The motto being studying hill range, diversity, sealing them on foot with a touch of literature and sport.

In- charges:
 Mr. Manjappa G K., Assistant Master |  Mr. Raghavendra Raje Urs B., Assistant Master.

Registered Cadets (as on 28 Jun 2024): Total Strength 30.



What do we do?

1.Choosing the destinations keeping their importance based on the geographical features in mind.
2.Getting mentally ready to take up the task.
3.Briefing the cadets about the destination, date of trekking, items to be taken.
4.Map reading, with latitude and longitude, grid information.
5.Calculating time required to complete the trek.
6.Travel arrangement to the base camp where we start the trekking.
7.First aid information.
8. Getting prior permission from the authorities to take up the task.
9. Sharing information about the forbidden items.
10. Recording our visits/trekking. Data preserving.
11. Maintaining photo gallery.
12. Making special arrangement for night trekking.
13. Sharing information about probable dangers to face en-route.
14. Wildlife census- experience - chance to participate.
15. Different food mannerism on trekking.
16. Inviting forest officers to share their ideas.
17. Knowledge of flora and fauna with first- hand experience.
18. Reserve forest and rules to enter it.
19. Nature friendly activities.
20. Mountain biking (Cycling) 

Reach Us

Sainik School Kodagu
Village & Post Kudige
Kushalnagar Taluk
Kodagu District
Karnataka- 571232
Off. 08276 - 201005

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