Report on CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management

capacityBuildingPrgm2024Three teachers —Ms. Sreelekha V.S., PGT-English, Mr. B.A. Rajgolkar, TGT-English, and Mr. N. Hanumantha Reddy, TGT-Computer Science—attended the CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management. The two-day event took place on 28th and 29th of February 2024 at Aalam International School, Thozupedu, Chengalpattu District, Tamil Nadu. The programme focused on styles of teaching, effective teacher-student relations, and the essential components of effective classroom management.
The first day of the programme began with a keynote address by Dr. R. Subramanian, an expert in educational psychology, who highlighted the importance of adapting various teaching styles to meet the diverse needs of students. Workshops and interactive sessions followed, where participants explored different teaching methodologies, such as differentiated instruction, cooperative learning, and the flipped classroom model. These sessions emphasised the need for flexibility in teaching styles to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.
In the afternoon, the focus shifted to building effective teacher-student relationships. Dr. Anuradha Menon conducted a session on the impact of positive interactions on student motivation and academic success. Participants engaged in role-playing activities to practice active listening, empathy, and constructive feedback.
The second day concentrated on the core components of effective classroom management. Ms. Vandana Sharma, the Subject Expert, led the morning session. She outlined the key elements of successful classroom management, including clear expectations, consistent routines, and proactive strategies to prevent misbehavior. Participants discussed the significance of establishing classroom rules collaboratively with students to foster a sense of ownership and accountability.The final session of the day involved group discussions where teachers shared their experiences and strategies, gaining insights from one another to refine their classroom management practices.

CBSE training on Health and Wellness of School

Faculty Development PrgmFaculty Development Prgm

 CBSE training on Health and Wellness of School going children was held on 30th & 31st Jan 2024 at Ursuline Senior Secondary School, Payyabalam, Kannur and three PGTs - Suryanarayana S, Suresh K and B V Ramesh of the School have attended.

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