Weather Station

Cup Type Anemometer:
AnemometerIt is used to measure wind velocity / wind speed. The instrument is calibrated to read km/hr. It revolves anticlockwise viewed from the above.

Average Wind Speed = Current Reading - Previous Reading / No. of Hours of observation. The average wind speed in Kodagu ranges from 3.3 miles to 9.4 miles per hour (5.3 to 15.1km/hr.).







Wind Vane/ Weather vane:
Wind WaneIt shows the direction from which the wind blows. Wind direction is the compass point from which the wind is coming. E.g., South, South-West, West etc., In Kodagu most of the year wind blows from South Westerly direction. 










Sunshine Recorder:
Sunshine RecorderWeatherStation2024 04It is also known as Heliograph and is used to record the intensity of sunshine over a day at a given location. The focused Sun’s rays burn a trace on the card to indicate the period of bright sunshine during the day. Since Kodagu experiences monsoon season from mid- May to the end of Sep the sunshine during this period is less due to cloud cover.

Small Stevenson Screen: (W-560 x D-315 x H-412 mm)
Mounted on a four- legged stand a White painted wooden louvred box is used to provide shelter for meteorological instruments particularly Max., Min. & Wet, Dry bulb thermometers and Aneroid barometer to record air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure respectively.

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