Eratosthanes Geography Lab

Purpose of lab: to make better understanding the concepts of geography in the secondary level.


1. Globe:  is a miniature model of the earth. It helps to describe the land and water distribution on the earth.

2. Standard Time Indicator: Helps us to understand various Local & Standard times in different countries simultaneously.

3. The Solar and the Lunar eclipse The apparatus provide the knowledge on the movement of the Earth and the Moon and helps us to understand the formations of the Lunar and the Solar eclipse in various positions of these celestial bodies.

4. Solar system apparatus: This motor operated working model of the Solar System helps us to illustrate the movement of planets around the Sun in their orbits.

5. Seasons Apparatus:  This apparatus helps us to know the revolution of the earth and its critical positions around the Sun in various months in its movement and as a result the Earth experiences various seasons in a year.

6. Sun Dial: The instrument tells the local time in accordance with the apparent movement of the Sun . The concept of local time of a place can be easily understood with this instrument.

7.  Phases of the Moon:  This apparatus helps in understanding the concept of the rotation and the revolution of the Moon around the Earth, through it’s movements the moon can be seen in various faces from New Moon to Full moon and to the New Moon.

8. Day and Night apparatus: This apparatus helps to understand the formation of day and night on the earth as the earth rotates on its  axis. The part of the earth facing the Sun has light hence it is day and the part of the earth turning to the other side of the sun experiences Night.

9. Portable compact weather station:   It helps to know the temperature, wind speed, humidity, and rainfall of an area.

10. Earth’s Orbit:

The apparatus shows the orbit of the earth arund the Sun, it is an elliptical in shape.

11. The Lab is equipped with various maps and charts ranging from Coorg District to the World.

                                                                          Report By: Mr. Venkataramana Y, In Charge

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