INA_NDA Training

List of the Resource Person

S.No Date of Programme Name of the Resource Person Designation Motivational Topic
1 26-May-18 to 29-May-18


Mr Ramakrishna

IIT Faculty, SR Educational Institutions The session helped the cadets to understand the importance of logical thinking in mathematics and also gain various techniques to take competitive examinations creditably.
2 28-May-18


Capt(IN) C M Yogisha

Naval Selection Board, Coimbatore The talk focused mainly on the techniques in developing thinking skills among the cadets. The resource person urged the cadets to have confidence in facing SSB by giving a comprehensive view of SSB interview.
3 29-May-18


Cdr M V S Kumar

Ex GTO He spoke on leadership and SSB orientation
4 29-May-18


Cmde V S Babeley, VSM

Ex Inspecting Officer, Sainik School Society He deliberated upon how to lead a disciplined life as a cadet and how failure can be used as motive in clearing SSB by taking his own life experiences as examples.
5 2-Jun-18


Cdr John Edison


The talks encouraged the cadets for reaching excellence through education and how it plays a pivotal role in facing SSB.
6 08-Jun-18 to 09-June-18

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Gp Capt Sandeep Kaul

Ex GTO The session is to provide an exposure to the cadets towards various tests involved in SSB like Picture Perception Test and Word Assessment Test.
7 15-July-18 to   19-July-18


Mr Suresh Kumar

General Ability Test Faculty, Vizag Defence Academy The five day sessions dealt with History, Polity, Geography and Current Affairs that are the part of general studies for UPSC written examination.
8 10-Aug-18


Maj Gen VPS Bhakuni, VSM

-   Maj Gen VPS Bhakuni motivated the cadets to join the reputed armed forces and conducted a mock interview for the cadets giving them basic ideas to face SSB interview successfully.
9 15-Aug-2018


Air Vice Marshal VPS Rana



Air Vice Marshal VPS Rana, VSM motivated the cadets how to face SSB confidently.

10 --


Gp Capt R R Lall


Sainik School Kodagu

Obstacle course training and Group discussion

Mock interview by Mrs. Aparna Jayashree, Senior Subeditor, The Hindu

DSC00027A Mock interview was carried out with the UPSC written cleared cadets by Mrs. Aparna Jayashree, Senior Subeditor, The Hindu Trivandrum to cater them to attend the SSB interview with confidence. The interviewer addressed the cadets regarding the nuances of interview and skill of questioning and the ways to stimulate their thinking pragmatically. Then held a face-to-face interview with all the cadets based on their PIQ followed by the feedback session by the interviewer.  The sessions were highly promising start in the process of training the cadets for joining reputed Armed Forces as Officers.

                                                                    Report By: Dr. Sreedhar, In Charge, NDA Cell

NDA_INA Training

The National Defence Academy (NDA) is the Joint Services academy of the Indian Armed Forces, where cadets of the three services, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force train together before they go on to pre-commissioning training in their respective service academies. The NDA is located at Khadakwasla near PuneMaharashtra. It is the first tri-service academy in the world.



There are various mathematical principles are incorporated in 60% of questions asked in last year UPSC exam. The candidates, who study mathematics for the sake of term examinations, find it a hard task while cracking the questions in UPSC. The questions are in UPSC are asked to test the conceptual understanding in depth.

How do I prepare for Mathematics?

A UPSC candidate should make a through preparation before taking the exam.

  • Fix your goal and start preparing early, as early as after your Class X exam. This will give you an edge over other students.
  • At first collect all NDA study material at a place. Check complete syllabus that what to prepare? It gives you the better idea about most important topics.
  • Strong your basics – Clear the concepts and formulas of your Class VI, VII, and VIII.
  • Make a schedule for every topic here is the complete guide on proper time management tips for NDA Exam.
  • Start with your weak topics first try to strengthen them.
  • Don’t forget about Negative Marking. Avoid guessing answers.
  • Analyze each question-setting, concept, duration of time for solving, speed and accuracy.
  • Take practice tests as much as you can from an expert trainer.
  • Collect question papers of previous years and make an attempt to solve keeping time limit.
  • Maths questions will be asked in both forms – to complete the statement or to solve, so be prepared like that.
  • So if you want to improve your mathematics, you need to focus more and more on problem solving instead of just reading theories, formulae, and solutions.
  • Spend more time on solve problem instead of reading solutions/theories/formulae.
  • Step by Step learning
  • Revision and Re-Learning
  • Don’t refer solutions without trying problems
  • Generate your Interest to perform better
  • Make Flash Cards for better learning
  • Help others if you get chance
  • Participants must start to make short notes for important mathematics formulas and points from day one of their NDA exam preparation. It will help you at last time for revision.
  • Command
  • Developing Insight.Many questions in NDA are crafted in such a manner that the usual methods take long to arrive at the answer. Before actually solving the problem, the student should work on the approach and cut out the unnecessary parts of the solution. Learn tosave time. Make it work for you.
  • Learn the art of persistence and patience.Questions in NDA also test your ability to stick to a problem and find out the answer quickly. Many people give up midway, thinking the question is too long or tough. Don’t do that, NDA paper isnever too difficult.


  1. Every Wednesday NDA Pattern exam (for class XII) will be conducted from 1600 hrs to 1730 hrs based on the topics of the chapter/s covered in the week. After completion of test, discussion of Question paper conducted in the gap days
  2. The online/offline test materials are made available for the cadets for better evaluation and analysis
  3. The MCQ test answers reader provided for timely completion of the evaluation and analysis
  4. Cumulative Tests (based on Unit wise) will be conducted on monthly basis
  5. Six grand Tests on complete syllabus will be conducted.

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