Code Of Conduct


  1. Discipline is the foundation on which any educational institution likes to function. As future citizens of the country who are also trained to serve the mother land, it is incumbent on students to develop self-discipline to the highest degree. It should be the endeavour of every student to observe all rules and regulations as a matter of habit rather than as fear of punishment.
  2. To ensure that all students are made aware of the various nuances of discipline, its effect on ones personality and character, there is a need to lay down certain guidelines and procedures for the students in the form of Code of Conduct that needs to be followed by all, for developing self-discipline to the highest degree .
    The students of the Schools shall obey the following conduct rules:-
    • Set highest standards of courtesy, personal conduct and discipline.
    • Be properly turned out at all times, according to the uniform regulations prescribed by the School.
    • Be punctual on all occasions and for all parades / periods/meals etc.
    • Mix well socially, be courteous and respectful to all, and establish good human relations based on tolerance, sensitivity and goodwill.
    • Maintain good order and discipline and shown obedience to rules and regulations, orders and instructions passed by the Principal or on his behalf or with his concurrence by their immediate superiors.
    • Take notice of and check or report instantly any act of dishonesty, fraud, negligence, infringement of orders, or impropriety of conduct, committed by other student or a group of students.
    • Be dignified, polite and temperate in speech, and behaviour.
    • Pay compliments to seniors and meticulously return compliments paid to you by your juniors.
    • Make every effort to prevent theft, and report the same immediately.
    • Be sympathetic and patient to weak students.
    • Remain physically fit to play all games.
    • Every student must have regard, respect and love for their mother land, the weak and the downtrodden people including universal brotherhood.
    • I shall not lie, steal or cheat or tolerate those who do so.
    • I shall not do anything selfish or mean including letting down my fellow school mates for self interest.
    • I shall not, by any action to commission or omissions bring the name of this School into disrepute.
    • I shall not oppress the weak.
    • I shall accept voluntarily my responsibility for infringement of this Code.

    All students will follow the above conduct rules towards smooth administration of the School. All Parents will educate the students and make them aware of these conduct rules towards developing self-discipline to the highest degree amongst the students.

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