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INA Trip - Feedback

ina tripfeedback2024 01

The visit to the Indian Naval Academy (INA) was organized to provide cadets with a comprehensive understanding of various maritime and naval operations. By visiting key areas such as the Marine Engineering Bay, Radar Lab, Bridge Simulator, and more, cadets gained valuable insights into the workings of naval technology, the importance of physical fitness, and the discipline required in the navy.

The visit to INA demonstrated that a career in the defence forces is not just a job but a commitment to excellence and a path to making a significant impact on national security and global maritime operations.







ina tripfeedback2024 03Marine Engineering Bay: The Marine Engineering Bay was highly informative, showcasing advanced engineering technologies and practical applications. Cadets learned about the intricacies of marine machinery and systems, gaining practical insights into their future careers.









radarLabRadar Lab: The Radar Lab provided a fascinating insight into modern radar technologies and their uses in navigation and surveillance. The Cadets learned about the operational principles of radar systems and their critical role in maritime safety.








bridgeSimulatorBridge Simulator: The Bridge Simulator offered a realistic and immersive experience in ship navigation and control. The Cadets learned about the complexities of managing a vessel, including navigation, communication, and emergency procedures.






catspawCatspaw: Catspaw was a valuable visit, focusing on rescue procedures and emergency response operations. The cadets learned about the critical techniques and protocols for conducting effective maritime rescues, highlighting the importance of preparedness and quick response in saving lives at sea.







paniniLibraryPanini Library: Panini Library was well-stocked with a vast collection of resources on maritime studies and beyond. The Cadets learned how to effectively utilize library resources for their academic and professional development.









SportsFieldSports Fields: The sports fields were well-maintained and provided excellent facilities for various sports activities. The Cadets learned the importance of physical fitness and teamwork through engaging in different sports.







Mulla Aquatics Complex: The swimming pool met Olympic standards, providing an excellent environment for swimming practice and competitions. The Cadets learned swimming techniques and the importance of water safety and physical training.
Arjun Baffle Range: The Arjun Baffle Range visit was thrilling, showcasing advanced training methods and equipment for precision shooting. The Cadets learned about firearm safety, precision shooting, and the discipline required in Navy.
The visit to the Indian Naval Academy (INA) provided an enriching and enlightening experience for the cadets. The trip successfully bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, enhancing the cadets' understanding and skills. Moreover, the exposure to the state-of-the-art facilities and the disciplined environment of the INA inspired cadets to join in the defence forces. This visit has ignited a passion for defence careers among the cadets, motivating them to pursue excellence and consider joining the defence forces to serve and protect our nation with pride and dedication.

Manikandan S
Trip I/c



Report on Motivational Tour to Air Force Technical College, Bangalore

74 Cadets of Class VIII visited the famous Air Force Technical College, Bangalore on 5th April 2024. The cadets also received an honour to visit and interact with Shri Thawar Chand Gehlot, Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka on 4th April 2024. The cadet received an opportunity to visit the Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum, Bangalore and Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore.

ATFCtrip bangalore2024On their visit to the Raj Bhavan, the cadets received an opportunity to know the history and importance of Governor’s residence, a heritage building with a history of more than 200 years. The cadets and escort staff Mr B A Rajgolkar, TGT- English, Mr Ashok Y Kengere, TGT- Social Science, Mr Dada Dhareppa Kusanale, TGT- Science and Mr Rukmini M, Counsellor, presented a memento to the Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka as a token of remembrance from the Kodagian fraternity. Later the cadets visited the Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum, Bangalore, popularly known as the HAL Museum to know the history of aviation sector of India and its contribution in development of the nation.


ATFCtrip2 bangalore2024The next day, the cadets visited the Air Force Technical College, Bangalore, where they learnt that the training curriculum imparted in the AFTC has kept pace with the rapid advances in the field of aviation technology and air warfare techniques. The cadets got to know about the latest training aids and up-to-date laboratories, cut section model of aircraft and individual system demonstration facility. The cadets were happy to note that many awards and accolades have come in the way of the College in its glorious past. AFTC has been awarded the prestigious Presidential Colours in Nov 2008 and accredited with ISO 9001 certification, which has been upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 standards.



ATFCtrip3 bangalore2024    




Mr B A Rajgolkar, 

TGT- English & Visit I/c

March 16th 2024 - Trip Report

An educational cum motivational tour for 80 cadets of class VII escorted by 5 staff members was organized on 16-03-2024. The Cadets visited some of the exemplary places at Mysuru with great excitement and anticipation.

trip16mar24 1


trip16mar24 2It was a memorable and motivating experience for 80 cadets of class VII and five escort staff who visited 4 KAR AIR SQN NCC UNIT, Mysuru to get a driving experience of aircraft simulator. Gliding Instructor Aftab Alam took keen interest in educating the cadets to get the best experience of driving the aircraft simulator.






trip16mar24 3Our cadets had first-hand experience about aero modelling and designing. Cadets saw the demonstration on different types of Drones Flying and Training. The cadets were addressed by Wg Cdr Asish G S, Commanding Officer, 4 KAR AIR SQN,




3. Visit to Railway Museum:

trip16mar24 4trip16mar24 5Cadets at railway museum could collect firsthand information about the past locomotives and  development of railway system in India.





4. Visit to Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens:

trip16mar24 6Cadets visited the Mysore Zoo and were mesmerized by Its abounds in natural vegetation cover and houses a variety of species not only from this country but from over forty countries in the World.






5. Visit to Aqua World:

trip16mar24 7Cadets at Lokaranjan Aqua World, which is the largest underwater aquarium in India. Its tanks house over hundred species of fish and other aquatic species. The cadets had a close view of various aquatic species.










6. Visit to Reliance Market:
trip16mar24 8Reliance Whole sale has grown to become India’s biggest shopping choice delivering superior value to its customers, our cadets enjoyed shopping and learned about the unmatched network of outlets and world class shopping environment.







(Mr Khyser Ahmed B)

Motivational Trip to ASTE (Aircraft System and Testing Establishment)

ASTE 2023 02ASTE 2023 01

ASTE 2023 03











We, the cadets of class 11 visited ASTE(AIRCRAFT SYSTEM AND TESTING ESTABLISHMENT) ,Bangalore  on 15th December.

We departed from school at 3:00 am and reached ASTE at 9:30am. First we were authenticated to visit ASTE by issuing an ID card. Eventually we were taken to the auditorium in order to be briefed about the functioning of ASTE by Wg.Cdr. Prashant.
ASTE was first established in Kanpur( in the year 1948) and later shifted to Bangalore( in the year 1973).

The main agenda of ASTE is to train flight test engineers, test pilots, test crew and recommend changes in the weapon system of IAF. They also test different missiles such as BRAHMOS, ASTRA, NGAR, NGCCM, etc. and its incorporation in the defence forces.


 We even learnt many technical terms such as:

  • SAAW: Smart anti airfield weapon
  • NVG  :  Night vision goggles
  • ATU   :  Aircraft testing unit
  • ALH   :  Advanced light helicopter

Subsequently, we were taken to hangars where we saw a variety of aircrafts and helicopters such as Hawk, Chetak, ALH Dhruv, Kiran, Microlight, etc.

Lastly, we visited the museum where we saw a few models of aircrafts and weapons. We also saw things related to famous personalities such as the helmet of Sqn.ldr. Rakesh Sharma (which he wore during his moon expedition), the cricket bat of MS Dhoni endorsed with the signature of  all Indian cricket team players. There were many mementos presented by various nations and private defence institutions to the IAF as a reminder of the joint mock drills conducted. We gained a lot of knowledge regarding the equipment used by IAF.

Overall ,it was an informative and motivating trip.
From the entire class 11, I wholeheartedly thank our school management for providing this opportunity to visit this institution.


The cadets of class 10th were taken on a two day educational trip to one of the most strategically important locations of the Indian Navy, INS Kadamba, located in Karwar district of Karnataka, the land of contrasting landscapes. The most joy and josh filled cadets were accompanied by the enthusiastic escort staff, Subedar Jitendra Singh, Mr.Ashokan N V, Ms. Bheemambika, Mr. Pinto and Mr. Ashok. The wheels started rolling by 0900 hrs on 14 December 2023 after the Principal's address, leaving the cadets motivated and eager towards the fun filled trip. After a long journey, the cadets stopped for lunch at Mangalore.

The journey resumed at 1500 hrs towards a halt at the roadside beaches at Udupi. The journey concluded with the cadets reaching the Navaratna Lodge in Karwar at 2120 hrs, after which we were served with dinner.  The next morning (15 December 2023), the cadets left to visit their most awaited destination,  INS Kadamba, at 0800 hrs after breakfast. An  hour and twenty minutes later, in INS Kadamba, the cadets got off at the marvellous Naval base, where INS Vikramaditya was docked. They entered INS Vikramaditya, whose captain is Captain(IN) Vishal Bishnoi. There were numerous displays, mannequines and artefacts where the cadets could witness and learn various things like:
The takeoff and landing of aircraft on the deck, the safety equipment used during a fire accident on board, the arms and ammunition used by the navy personnel, the communication system used by the crew of INS Vikramaditya, types of fire accidents and extinguishers on board, the code names of various Naval ships. After alighting from the ship, the cadets were served with snacks and given an opportunity to purchase various insignia sold by the staff at the Naval base.  The cadets left the Naval base after having lunch there. At 1620 hrs, the cadets visited the Murudeshwar Temple to offer their prayers.  Again, at 1730 hrs, we boarded the bus and were back to school at 0345 hrs on 16 December 2023.

The trip was a memorable and educative one, and every cadet and staff on the tour will cherish this trip. The cadets learned equally as much as they enjoyed.

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