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Motivational tour to officer’s training academy, Chennai

             DSC00745It was a dream come true for the 89 cadets of class IX for receiving an opportunity to witness one of the most spectacular and immaculate march of the newly incepted officers at Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai. The cadets felt proud for witnessing the young officers’ march which was coupled with valour and dignity. The amalgam of impressive commentary and testimonial march past by the young officers paid a rich tribute to Late Major Parameshwaran, who was honoured with Param Veer Chakra award for his supreme sacrifice. The magnificent Administrative building with a tricolour on a 100 feet mast attracted all the viewers especially cadets of Sainik School Kodagu.

On 05 Sep 2018 the cadets and four escort teachers visited Centre for Science and Industrial Research’s Central Leather Research Institute at Chennai. The institute is one among the premier institutes of our country devoted for research and training. The cadets were surprised to learn various methods being followed by the institute to make finest leather out of raw material. After visiting Central Leather Research Institute, the cadets visited the Periyar Science and Technology Centre and Birla Planetarium. The centre consists of rich exhibits in science, space science, industry and technology. Models of vehicles, steam engine, aeroplane and audio visual buzzer round game excited the cadets. After visiting the science centre the cadets were taken to the Chennai Snake Park adjacent to Guindy National Park and understood various venomous and non- venomous snakes.

On 06 Sep 2018, the cadets witnessed the heart throbbing and one of the most spectacular parade by the young officers who completed their course and ready to serve the nation. The cadets were astonished to see various war tanks, missiles and ammunitions displayed in front the library. Later the cadets were taken to visit the world famous museums and galleries of Government Museums, Chennai. It was a wonderful experience for the cadets and escort teachers to see one of the world’s largest collections of bronze statues at Bronze Gallery. Museum 2 had a rich collection of exhibits in arms, folk religions, ethnology, anthropology, musical instruments, folk arts, archaeology, sculptures, reptiles, birds, mammals. Geology, botany and textile blocks.

The motivational to OTA, Chennai was a step towards reaching the prime intention to encourage the cadets to develop an aim in their mind to join Indian armed forces.

Report By: Mr BLV Prasad Raju, Tour In Charge

Visit to Visweswaraiah Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Bangalore

class 8 1 It was indeed a thrilling and marvelous sight for 102 cadets of class VIII and escorting faculty members when they were given an opportunity to watch the activities of scientists in the Clean Room at Indian Space Research Orgnisation, Bangalore, who were tirelessly working towards preparation of Chandrayaana-2. It was a privilege for the cadets for having witnessing the tireless efforts and zeal of scientists. They also enjoyed the virtual tour organised by the In Charge of ISRO Exhibition arena Mr Sreenivas. He explained the cadets on satellite launching, functions of satellites, importance of NASA’s International Space Station, commercial satellite launching through Astrix, a body of ISRO which looks into the matters of commercial and community oriented satellite launching. The cadets watched videos and functionality of various bodies and research centres of ISRO situated at Bangalore, Sreeharikota, Hassan and Thiruvananthapuram. They even enjoyed the exhibition arena. ISRO’s century of satellite launching was also a matter of curiosity for the cadets. Their queries were also answered by Mr Sreenivas.

The cadets were also take to the Visweswaraiah Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore. The institute showcased exhibits and elaborated upon the history of industrial and technological developments across the world under a single roof. The cadets were facilitated to understand the growth of industries and growing popularity of technological devices and gadgets through innumerable exhibits and posters. The spacious ground floor of the museum consist the ‘Great Engine Hall’, which focuses on how giant engines were being in use in olden days. The cadets were fascinated by the ‘Dinosaur Alive’ gallery. They enjoyed it thoroughly. Their fun continued in the sections named ‘Fun Science’ and ‘Electrotechnic’. The section ‘Space’ elaborated the cadets on emerging technologies in space science for the betterment of mankind. The sections named ‘Biotechnological Revolution’ and ‘Science for Children’ were also interesting and informative. The museum celebrated its golden jubilee year in 2014-15 which left the cadets to gather information on the history of establishment of VITM and its significance in imparting valuable information through rich resources. The cadets were thrilled to know that some of the exhibits like the giant steam engine produced in Germany. The prime attraction of the museum is its rich gallery of engines and machines of eighteenth and nineteenth century.

The visit to Visweswaraiah Industrial and Technological Museum and Indian Space Research Organisation, Bangalore was informative and educative too. 102 cadets were escorted by Mr Prasad MH, Dr Sreedhar, Mrs. Leelavathi, Mr. B A Rajgolkar and Mr Ashokan NV.

Report By: Mr Prasad MH, TGT- Kannada, Tour In Charge  

NDA visit by class XIB cadets

On 16th Nov 2017 after the address by the Principal, we departed from the school to visit NDA. We reached on 17th Nov at 0900 hrs at Pune. The staff of Mahar Rgmt-1 received us. The cadets were taken to the obstacle course of Mahar Rgmt-1, where they were given the exposure to the various training activities that are being conducted for the officers. We also paid a visit to Peshwa Fort at Shaniwar Wada and famous Temple of Ganesha.

The next day i.e, on 18th morning we were ready to proceed to visit NDA. At the time of entering the academy cadets were thrilled and felt proud of being the part of military minds. Gazing at the doom of Sudaan Block, they whispered each other that they have reached the place where the men of valour, Integrity and honesty are made. Men in white, blue and olive green left an indelible impressions and inspiration in the young cadets to take up their destiny in their own hands. They were reminded of Wg Cdr Rakesh Sharma (An alumnus of the 35th course) who held high the glory of India by his great deed. A documentary on NDA was screened for the cadets in the Habibullah Hall. They also visited the museum showcasing different war weapons, awards, portraits of valiant martyrs. The flag of Pakistan stained in blood kept in the museum gained our attention that made us to remember the great sacrifice of our soldiers. We also visted Cadets’ Mess, Equestrian Arena and Peacock Bay.

On 19th, we visited the Naval College of Engineering (INS Shivaji). The ambiance of the college was pleasant and inviting. Capt Beliappa welcomed us warmly and extended a great support to all of us to explore the mode of work, details of ship, armory of Indian Navy. The visit motivated the cadets extremely and they resolved to join NDA/INA as officers and to contribute their energy and resources for the upliftment of their Mother Land. We profusely thank our Principal and Vice Principal for having organized such a visit. 

Report by: Dr. Sreedhar, In Charge

Visit to Prominent Libraries of Mysore by Reader's Club members


Readers club of Sainik School paid a visit to prominent libraries of Mysore on 04 Dec 2017 as part of the club activities. The visit provided ample opportunities for all the cadets to learn and appreciate the mode of work, resources, and different projects of libraries.

 The cadets appreciated "Drushti"- a novel initiative by university library Mysore to facilitate reading among the visually challenged researchers and general public and the classification of resources that are accessible to the readers to help them prepare for competitive exams, research work .A separate section is set up under the same roof to promote reading among the underprivileged community. 4,50,000 books are arranged section wise as reference section, stack section, language section, dissertation and thesis section, periodical section etc. The library has a well equipped digital library with 300 computers with internet facility for the readers to provide the first hand information in their research work and projects. The library functions smoothly with the help of Library Automation software under the supervision of library trainees and librarians.

The visit to Oriental Research Institution Library, Mysore was an awesome experience. Thousands of Palm leaves and paper manuscripts were collected and the scholars were appointed who are well versed in south Indian languages for cataloguing those manuscripts in the library. Many rare books were also found and among them all “Arthsastra of Kautilya”, the book on Indian polity and military science  gained our attention. The library consists 30,000 manuscript bundles written in Sanskrit, in which many of them are collected from different parts of Karnataka. We were also told that they have published more than 205 rare works in Sanskrit and 10 works are getting ready for print. Vidushi. Dr. Devaki was impressed by the turnout of the cadets and addressed the cadets sharing them with the nuggets of wisdom from the scriptures and reminding them of the responsibility of the future leaders. The cadets were full of praise seeing the palm leaves and the efforts of the unknown scribes who painstakingly recorded the ancient literature in the bark of the wood and the leaves of Bhoj. Now the digitalization is progressing to preserve the manuscripts.

The collection of periodicals and bound volumes in the RIE Library was the feast to the cadets educating them the need of preservation and mending of the books.70,000 books,73 journals both Indian and International are showcased in the library. The sayings of writers and philosophers are hung in the walls of the library to motivate the studious visitors. So far 5000 bound volumes are preserved for the research scholars.

            They were also given opportunity to do shopping at Sapna Book Stall, Mysore building in them a close affinity towards the magic of books.

                                                                                                                                                                         Report By: Readers' Club In Charge

Visit to Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala

A contingent of 190 cadets of Class IX and X escorted by eight teachers visited INA Ezhimala from 01to 03 Dec 2017.  The objectives of the visit were:

  • To enrich our knowledge about National Defence
  • Awareness about the necessity of a force to safeguard the national interest in our territorial waters.
  • Get hands on experience of new places.
  • To provide us an opportunity to take part in one of the popular Marathons.

Whole contingent was accommodated in Cheeta and Brave Heart squadrons. A sight-seeing was also organized for us by the Academy.  Mr. Pramod Singh (from INA) co-ordinate our visits to Kautilya Block, Panini Library and to the stable on the sea-shore.  We energized ourselves in Katari Mess in a dignified way. We took part in 5Km run in ‘Land of Legends’ marathon, secured our medals by completing it successfully. The whole visit enthralled us by the Academy’s majestic look and the service what it is offering to the nation. We were strongly motivated by the fruitful visit to INA. Being Asia’s biggest Naval Academy, INA impressed me a lot to take a firm decision to choose what I have to become in near future.  I thank authorities of INA, our school authorities and my teachers for giving me an opportunity to visit INA and decide what I have to do to join INA by 2021-22.

                                                                                                                                                               Report By: Cdt Ajith M Yankanchi, Class X 


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